Neither Cassidy Gundersen, nor anyone associated with Restoration Publishing has, is, or will practice medicine with clients. They will not prescribe medicines or any medical treatment whatsoever. The will not adjust existing medications or treatments. Cassidy Gundersen and those associated with Restoration Publishing limit their services strictly to educating, guiding, and coaching clients through a nutritional diet program. All medical decisions, treatments, and prescriptions are left entirely up to the client’s primary care physician.

By using this site and signing up for any services, the User understands that Restoration Publishing is not acting in the capacity of a doctor, psychologist, or other licensed or registered professional, and that any advice given is not meant to take the place of advice by these professionals.  If the User is under the care of a health care professional or currently uses prescription medications, the patient should discuss any dietary changes or potential dietary supplements use with his or her doctor, and should not discontinue any prescription medications without first consulting his or her doctor.

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